Astrology (MT)


The observation, astrologycontemplation sky leads to knowledge of God but demonic forces have found a way to march through the sky from the Creator of people, imposing his astrology.

It should be noted that not because of magic and astrology, taught wise men the time and place of birth of Christ, but because the Lord opened them this, and it is in the way, who thought for themselves and their rescue of the best. The wise men do not use astrology on their return way to learn about the evil intentions of Herod. The angel warned them of the need to escape from it (Mf.2:12). 


Stood all the tests, they were denied by false magician and following the divine will, the three wise men were honored with sainthood, and thus salvation.



It should be noted that even King Herod to find out where the Messiah must be born, did not convene the astrologers, and appealed to connoisseurs of the Old Testament (Mf.2:3-6).



Hostile attitude to the Old Testament prophets, astrology was based on two facts:


  • Astrology is a form of polytheism and led to the worship of the luminaries, it was an occult practice that was forbidden by Moses;
  • Jews, if they needed to learn something, should inquire of the God of Israel, not the star.


In the Biblical understanding of worship and dependence on any forces created by God, is an insult to God - the Creator. A man called to worship the Creator, not His creation.



Currently, many passionate about astrology, one of a kind of magic, false knowledge which, like all other occult lie doctrine, received by man through communication with demon forces through sessions spiritualism and mediumizm. Use of any such false doctrine, expanding arsenal of human communication with these forces. Astrology covered halo «mystery», fantastic, people are attracted by the opportunity to learn their fate, to know yourself, look to the future. The quest for comprehension of reach of understanding, there is a pride that is an erroneous opinion of himself, which carries people to feel important in this world, not realizing their true destination, the man in the immense universe.



Man was created free by Creator that is a master of their affairs, action, and intelligence data to reflect these actions. If the person was not powerful in any action, it would not need a reason, and people would be completely dependent on all the circumstances of his life.



The fate of man is not determined by the movement of celestial bodies, and the man himself, according to its spirit and direction of their free will. At every crucial stage of human life, light force him to give the appropriate sign, but people do not always notice it, or comes on its own way. Self always leads people to God and destiny can be changed for the worse, and further its future depends on the next sign of light forces.


All this is repeated many times throughout Earth's life and will be less than human intervention, so people will be closer to salvation.


Thus, the fate depends only on the individual, though, that some died in childhood, but it is a special case, that means at this moment at the peak of spirituality of soul salvation (the best she will never be on the ground).



If this soul was allowed to extend the life on earth, is likely to state that the soul would have been terrible. That is why you can not grieve with grief at the death of children or even more to ask God for their resurrection in this life, though, that this does a great loss for parents. Indeed, in some exceptional cases, the request may be granted, but it is not life, but grief for everyone.



Heavenly Bodies significantly influenced only by weather conditions, state air and water, as a result of their interactions in only a small part of an impact on the overall condition of the person. However, because of the erroneous direction of the free will of many people and nationalities, to some extent it influences, and the nature and type of person, depending on body weight at birth, time and place of birth, as well as in the universe are interconnected, but no more.



If the person determined by the fate of celestial bodies, the need of God would no longer control, and the very reason a person would not be needed, but giving people just one benefit, and other grief, would violate fairness of the universe.



Reverend John Damascene is clearly shown that the heavenly luminaries are just weird weather, but for a man endowed with free will and mind, the stars and planets determinant role in the fate of play can not. When we prefer to be guided by the situation of the stars in the sky, to streamline their lives, then we accept that we worship, we have to some extent, and we will believe them over the imprudent actions bear the responsibility. But the Lord said that he himself guide us to the true path (Ps.31:8), but we are looking for the workaround, so astrologists fate even worse those who are only attracted astrology (Is.47:13.14).



God forbids his people in general engage in occult teachings (Vtor.18:10-12), and if it was only elected before the Jewish people, after the resurrection of Christ - it concerns all Christians have, once again the chosen people through faith in Christ.