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On these pages will beanother world published real contacts with the invisible world. It is only clearly imagine that all these contacts are perfectly clear and specific focus. These pages are presented with only outcast spirits, as the authors did not attempt to prove otherwise. In the first place we shall publish information with instructive and exemplary character. This sophisticated means of communication can be achieved only with the fallen spirits. It’s unnatural for Holy Angels to take part in not coordinated with the will of God.



All people are sinners, and only a handful awarded interview with the holy angels, and information on such conversations is very personal and usually remains a mystery to others. If among our users are devotees of high spirituality and they will be ready to share with us the results of spiritual communion with angels of light, we will be very, very grateful. To do this, we will allocate a separate subsection. We ask our users to send us your letters and the letters acquaintances, which describe the contact with the invisible world, which contributed to the complete re-evaluation of their position in life for the better.



Unfortunately, a lot of people do not quite believe in such phenomenons, but sooner or later, everyone will face this reality and must be able at least a basic understanding of this world. Of course, we do not need specific addresses or names of members of such contacts, but for the fact that some skeptics should open their eyes to the facts, it is desirable to more fully describe these events and to specify the coordinates.



Here is an interesting and pretty fair statement of the famous philosopher and mathematician B. Pascal, it is estimated the men as follows: «There are only three kinds of people: some have found God and serve Him; these people are intelligent and happy. Others have not found and do not seek him; these people are mad and unhappy. Others have not obtained, but look for him, these people are reasonable, but still unhappy».



While we received such letters, we will publish a series of letters, which to some extent already covered in some of the media.  


St. Anthony teaches: «And the next you need to know for your safety. When I was given a vision, do not let yourself fear, but whatever the vision, courage ask him first: «Who are you and where are you from?» If this is the phenomenon of the saints, they will soothe you, and your own address in joy. If the same phenomenon - the devil, it met in the hardness of heart, immediately comes to fluctuations: because the question «who are you and where are you from?» Is a sign of the intrepid souls? Having such a question, Joshua (Nav.5:13) is satisfied in the truth, but Daniel had disappeared from the enemy (Dan.10:20)».




Clairvoyant Confession



The following is a copy of the letter of the former «Healer» (correcting only some minor spelling errors, and the allocation of individual words, without comment), sent to the editor of the Orthodox newspaper «Heal faith» at Timashevsk Holy Spirit Monastery, candidate of philology – P.S. Matveev.  



Hello, Dear Peter S.!



Personally myself, I can not think of the spiritual-developed woman, rather - on the contrary. It is a pity that I realized only recently, and before that all of your articles against psychics, healers and magicians - aroused my protest, and often anger. This happened because I myself, for seven years, was engaged in «healing» (I was sure that I «treat» people, but not cripple them). Perhaps I would think the same up to day, if not one «but».



This «but» lies in the fact that two years ago, I decided to take courses on the development of a psychic ability, in particular - clairvoyance. The decision I made because the number of clients coming to me for treatment, it was not very large, because people are most «run» on fortune-tellers, clairvoyants and fortune-tellers, rather than on the healers, so I decided to learn another «magic art» - clairvoyance, and before that, in 1991, I graduated, then a semi, occult courses of treatment, i.e., healing.



Rates «clairvoyance» did not last long - just three months, but they seem to me three years, and here's why: courses taught, at first glance, a very ordinary-looking man who has attracted attention only to his stooping and that dressed only in black. All of these «details» gave him a very unusual appearance. Before the lecture he presented «Master of the international category of psihoenergosuggestology and hypnosis». His «Masters» he confirmed to display that diploma to all present.