Angels of Light (MT) 


On the reasonslight angel for the creation of angels, St. Gregory the Theologian said: «God's goodness is not satisfied contemplation itself: disseminate good to have done much communicant goodness».


The angels were created for the same, why, and created man:

  • That praised and glorified their Creator;
  • As in earthly life, and even served as our salvation.


Angels, following the will of God clearly fulfill its purpose, but people are not ever.


Time creation of angels is not precisely stated in Scripture, but from the context, it is clear that this occurred on the first day of creation, when it created the heaven and it is clear that they were created before the creation of a real world and human beings.


All God's creation, including human, has nothing in her, and all that is in every creation - a gift from God. Any benefit seen in the creature is part of the full benefits, that exists in God, so all that God is infinitely and perfectly, the creature is in the manifold limited extent.


Terrestrial physics light most suitable for comparison with the celestial ether (the light of reason) and even the very creator of the Holy Scripture says: «God is light and in him is no darkness»(1In.1-5), so you do not accidentally «heavenly host» referred to as angels of light. Angels the world is deeply aware that their livelihood, they are obliged to the grace and mercy of God, but people often forget about it. In gratitude for this, the angels are trying to provide good deals.


Part of angelic forces serves:

  • Only God;
  • Part for a person;
  • Part controls the elements, but not of their own volition, but by God.


They are strong and always ready to perform any divine will, very often leading the individual from death in dangerous situations. According to the divine will and divine command, they are higher and people are always around God, but not the way of God, as it awarded the man, they only have the image of God, that is, seek it.



The angels have the image and the type of spiritual, mental, which is not by any external shape, and in the ratio of spiritual forces and the way they do.


By their nature, they do not have the kind of body image, and like mind and way of rights, but where are the people who are usually visible in the likeness of men. Are more placable for leniency, and sometimes rigorous . Bright angels, like people, are in themselves the image of God, but the completeness of its inherent only man, because he, having the body becomes involved in the whole world around, which is to establish God.



They see God as far as possible for them that are the God they do not see, but see beneficial light, which are their food and the cause of immortality. They are in eternal love, Therefore, in faith and hope is not needed. Angels are not constrained, like us forms space and time, but these properties allow the limitation, i.e. they can not be in different places at once, then they should be a special, but not their own world in the universe, which in Scripture is called the sky of heaven (3Tsar.8:27).


Angels, being incorporeal, do not have their own world, but lack their own nature recovered their closeness to God and life in Him.


Unlike angels, creatures of nature, simple, people have a complex nature. He matches in a two worlds: sensuous and supersensible, so it is from a man of his free will depend the final fate of the world. It is due to creative corporeality the ability of man, and an angel as a pure spirit does not have a creative force, so as not connected to physical body.



The angels have the nature of this human heart, only sinless, holy and supreme, but without saving the spirit. They have the intellect and knowledge, strength and power through which they may, at the pleasure of God, act in the real world. Nature of our lower Compared with the angels, as well as mortality and has the weight of the body, but with the blessing of God and connection with him, it was a glorious angel, as angels with fear and trembling give to God and will fear to await trial (Efes.2:16; Pet.1:4). As above, we as bodiless and free from all bodily passions, they are, but not completely passionless, as dispassionately, one only Deity. The angels have the feelings, for example, they happy about the penitent (Lk.15:10), but do not have the external sensory organs.



Angels are divine order of no hesitation, because their nature is not возмущается passions and are shrines. This substance gifted minds that had to fall free will, immortality is not by nature but by grace, not in need of language and hearing, well as communication in the spiritual world is carried out by the thought. Mind of the angels is great, but has a limitation, they do not know the substance of God, because only God knows his substance (1Kor.2:11). They do not need to be married, because there is no need of reproduction. In the field they are in most of the thoughts, just smart. In describing do not have three-dimensional measurements; they differ from each other only by light and the situation, those reported above to those below and the light and knowledge.