Angel’s Day (MT)


The man birthday, angel daythe angel’s day or in other words name-day and day of the guardian angel are three different concepts.


   The man birthday - corresponds to the calendar birthday person immediately after birth.


  • Angel Day is a day that celebrated in the memory of Saint (heavenly patron), a name that you are wearing, not the day of baptism. Angel Day is the birthday of the human soul, though she, like the body to emerge at conception, but symbolically this day is much more important than usual birthday person. Symbolism in christianity is not an abstraction, a kind of mystical current system of contact and interaction with the invisible world. Christians are not so much celebrate ordinary or calendar date of birth, as the birthday of the soul - the angel’s day. Knowing the only name, it is easy to determine calendars angel’s day and congratulate each other. In the special calendar, which is in every temple, many of the same name of the saints. In this case, you should strictly adhere to the rules, the holy day honorable, that is, name day, should be closest to the birthday and follow him.


On the angel’s day christians should particularly appeal with the prayer to their patron saint whose name is wearied by person. Before this day you should be in the evening service, to confess your sins, and come to the liturgy and communion in the morning. You need to know the life of your patron saint to emulate him in the holy life and order to him a prayer. It should apply to him for his representation of us in prayer before the Lord. Name day - a personal holiday, but thanks to his name every one of us is a member of Cafolic Church, in the unity of believers.


  • The guardian angel’s day, as such, does not exist, but there is a day of celebration of all angels, incorporeal forces, which, of course, includes all the guardian angels - this is Whit Monday. Guardian angel - doing God's will for each of us, relentlessly located next to us at all the ways life on earth, starting from the day of our baptism, and until our death. A guardian angel protects us from all evil and, in contrast, argues in good deeds. At some spiritual arranged by the believer, his presence clearly felt. Name of a guardian angel no one knows, except for just a few selected glorified saints, whose guardian angels were known by the name of the Archangels and notify them about any upcoming events. In principle, the date of baptism can be called the guardian angel’s day, because from that day guardian angel protects the rights directly, but celebrate the day of baptism on the angel’s day. If this is not an idle festivities, no one interferes and modestly noted himself day of baptism.


Earth living is a constant struggle, a struggle between good and evil, of course, the first way, constant striving for goodness and perfection - true, and the second disastrous. According to the law of spiritual life, the first path - called the deed, if there are no stops along the way,



The christian view of man excludes the possibility of violence against the person; the oppression of man, because of this violence affects all members and society as a whole. Follow-up participation of the tyrants is much worse than their victims, and the increase in crime, only indicates a sharp decline of morality and spirituality.



On your life path, a man is very sorry with himself, because the soul merging with the flesh and sin, in favor of one with them, so to separate them, needed a third-party external force needed a new heart and new spirit that can be updated only when God in repentance sacrament of confession.



Argue about the actions of any person, including a priest can everyone, but should distinguish between argument and condemnation. You can judge the actions of man, but you can not condemn the man himself. Perfect, as we know, no, and only Christ is perfect, because, being God, temporarily (at the time of earthly life), reincarnated, or rather embodied in the person, while remaining God and performing, mostly purely personal service, but He did not satisfy the world and not because He could not, but because the world was not able to perceive Him.



When the true christianity, the task - to convince people, then this is a false path, so the sermons in Orthodoxy to a greater extent are instructive, as in other denominations and especially sects, they have the aggressive and offensive character. People come to Orthodoxy only when they see the fullness of faith, full legends, to get what they have not find in any other doctrines.