Angels of Darkness (MT)


Demonic forces,dark angels depending on the Creator in its existence, since they are created by God, hate are life itself. They are not capable of a good creative act, and seek destroy all of existence in the divine, to erase the traces of the Creator and the creation of the world, but without power to destroy them, seeking to distort and assign.


Spirits possess energies that are able to change the structure of matter at molecular and even thinner level. They are able to inspire the visual illusion of a large number of people simultaneously. Spirits can show a man and even a large group of people under the influence of spirits in intraproect, that is, before the inner gaze, exciting journey to «other world» and on other planets, different feelings paranormal abilities of individuals. All of this perceived by humans as the disclosure of supernatural abilities, who allegedly available to all people, but in a closed (dormant) state.


The inability to distinguish the true from the false enemy is fraught with implications. If person continues to contact with demonic entities, the man begins manifest perverse attraction, which over time leads to the degradation of the individual. When people connected with the demonic force, and carries out his will, that his soul becomes dead, since the demonic forces themselves are dead spirits, and slay those who close to them, because the soul dir if it has no effect on nature.


Demons love evil more than we love the good; therefore evil often wins in us. Demons immaterial substance, but even with the materialization of touching very cold and very similar to ice. Fallen spirits might confer their demonic servants of a particular type of energy, which allows the humble artist forces of evil, to work tirelessly in the field multiplying the sin. However, because of their destructive substance, devoid of the ability to building, destroying demons and their followers. According to Saint John Chrysostom, the demon leaves no man gave to him, until or not to assimilate themselves, or not bring to the suicide.


Dark forces are always awake, they will never get tired, and therefore the apostle advises us to be at check (1Pet.5:8.9), and on the other hand are invited to love enemies (Mf.5:44), because when a man inferior, dark forces are no longer such a kindness and removed. According to St. Augustine, «devil is unclean spirit, is good, as the spirit is evil, as unclean: he spirit of nature, and unclean by sin; of these first two properties of God, latest from the devil».


Demonic forces can not be won by their arms, so it is impossible to defeat an evil menace. They tempt us when we are secretly sympathetic to them, but they can not act when we angry at them, but not human, after all the anger directed against them - a sign rejection. Even when monk abuse, then to scold daemons do not begin, but if praise, demons will not leave him alone.


God created all the angels blameless, good, holy, presented many of their abilities and God given talents. The nature of angels is that an angel is a host or a large militia. However, some of the angels, tarnished pride ascribed to themselves its abundance of ability, his fine features, even the gifts of grace. They spontaneously excluded themselves from the category of creatures, began to see themselves as distinctive creatures, forgetting about his creation than trampled their sacred duty to God the Creator. To this grand and self-flattery, they were passionate about one of the most loved by God and shinning angel.


This shinning angel headed earthly reason, and to whom God entrusted the protection of the earth. He immersed himself in self and pride, that felt «equal» to God, so because of the disobedience, he and his followers, with the overthrow of Heaven. The fall of the angel is not only in spiritual error, and choosing the wrong path, but also in the conscious volitional resistance to the will of God, which is the highest good. It is no longer quite conscious of God, advisedly, because the Lord has given him a great mind and opened many celestial mysteries. He no longer without any outside influence and with a very stubborn bitterness, the same as the ethereal spirit, he is free from any real shell, and therefore not subjected to any temptations of the flesh.



It is sometimes referred to as dennitsa, sometimes lucifer and sometimes less eosforom. In fact, it is different translations for a word «shinning» with Slavic, Latin and Greek languages, respectively. Esoterics lovers should know that one of the esoteric names of lucifer - absolute. Being powerless to give the other something truly valuable, he made his biggest lie seduction tool, so that a lie as if it was the essence. All that he said, and makes promises - this is the whopper, although skillfully clothed in тогу plausibility. For that he is lying, the Holy Scriptures named him - satan, that the Jewish means - calumniator, but in the Greek language this corresponds to the name - the devil. Other its name: snake, dragon, veelzevul, veliar, the prince of darkness, prince of the devils, supostat, prince of this world, the enemy of mankind, the wicked and the like - to show his fierceness, and malignancy of any activity.