Advices and Recommendations of the Ancient and Modern Confessors and Theologians (MT)



1. Absolutely free only God, and man is free to choose, so if he chooses not God, then chooses death, because God - this is life.



2. Abba Zenon advised before your prayer, in the first place - to pray for your enemies. For this good deed, God will hear you, what ever you have prayed.



3. Abba Pimen said: If a good deed, and after him there was no temptation, that God is a case pending.


4. Abraham and Lot (Abraham's nephew) - set custom in dividing the property: Senior divides, and the junior chooses.



5. The authority of the priesthood - is not the authority of man, with his knowledge and personal dignity, grace and authority of the grace carrier, through which the sacraments are accomplished and the salvation of the faithful.



6. The authors of works can represent anything you like and how you like, but over their images - should shine a moral person of the Creator.


7. Admiral Ushakov, before the battle, admonished his sailors to read Psalms 26, 50 and 90, arguing that they did not take any bullet or a sword.



8. Analysis of internal man forces and active sinful passions, has one goal, make a correct diagnosis of spiritual disease that can be achieved healing.


9. Anathema is not punitive, but rather an educational, even preventive measure, just as the patient's infectious disease, isolated from healthy people. In fact, anathema to true christianity, a sort of cure for the disease. Anathema - is evidence that this man has no power of grace, which is bestowed in the sacraments of the Church. Anathema is not an administrative-legal act, expel or punish transgressors, but just a bitter recognition of accomplished offices. It not only protects christians from the heretics, but also demonstrates the determination of the heretics in their devastating condition. Cutting off the heretics from the Church, the Fathers testified that while they are in heresy, then they have no saving grace, no other way to salvation.



10. Angels in heaven, much more than people on the ground (Mf.26:53).


11. A guardian angel was at God-Man and (Mf.4:11).



12. Archbishop Barlaam Vyatskiy argues that the memory of the death enemy fears the most, even more prayers, and all his cunning uses for something to distract people from the memory, drawing something earthly.



13. Asceticism is not a goal, but only a means. Saints elders always distinguished between means and ends. Since the goal is the knowledge of peace and perfect love, that asceticism is a means to improve the knowledge of the world and in love. If the goal is not reached, no peace, peace, and there learned the laws of the kingdom, it means nothing and, therefore, the path is wrong.


14. The problem of man is that nobody can restore itself, only its forces, shatter in the way and kill him, living his pride in the interior of the heart. This requires more and helps of God, that is, all this is possible only through joint efforts. The misfortune of mankind and that natural law operate in the union and full accord with the laws of morality and humanity that seeks to break the union, of it, preparing destruction.



15. Without grace - all the virtues are only good intentions, but not their essence.


16. Without faith a man can not live, not in a position to do anything, even to think. Human complete existence with the loss of faith. Ceasing to believe in God, man creates an idol, he left in a terrible state to another world.



17. Without a true priesthood, salvation is impossible, since salvation is sanctification, sanctification is carried out by the grace of the Holy Spirit through the sacraments and the sacraments without ordination - are impossible. All that takes place outside of the true priesthood, there is opposition to the Deity, and never overlooked. The problems of human survival are directly related to the path we have chosen for humanity itself.



18. Celibacy above marriage, but the strength of marriage is that can sanctify and unbeliever, if one is a believer.



19. Hermit is riding asceticism and permit improved. In the silence may enter only trained and well-established in the life of monasticism, once safely in spiritual warfare and bottom of the dormitories, otherwise you can kill yourself.



20. The infinite goodness of God, would never be ordained on the ground in such a vicious lawlessness, hence if it did not make the greatest wealth, and made out of malice would not pay for salvation.



21. Infinite perfection of God is such that makes Him an eternal mystery to man.


22. Anxiety - a violation of the internal balance of the soul, in other words, the loss of a good state of soul.



23. Passionlessness is the fullness of virtues, the state of holiness, because of the immutable law of the place eradicated passion - is the opposite virtues.



24. Impassively talking about sin brother, said, for two reasons: either to fix it, or to benefit another. If these goals do not - it is blame.