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Rules for publication of promotional materials


1. A decision on the possibility of publication, the need to refine or not to host advertising, magazine takes quickly. Terms of payment and advertising - by agreement between the parties.



2. The following materials are not accepted for the publication


2.1 Containing false information, containing information, the accuracy of which is questionable and did not find strong evidence, upon request clarifications from the client - in the event of a failure to preserve the meaning of the text after the seizure of disputed claims.


2.2 Containing fragments, this may be construed as violating the provisions of the legislation and the generally accepted requirements of Christian ethics.


2.3 Containing hyperlinks to the sites and materials which could be interpreted as violating the provisions of existing legislation and/or violate the requirements of Christian ethics.



3.  Terms of granting of materials and advertising placing


3.1 The finished client advertisement materials must be received not later than 5 working days before the date of publication.


3.2 Placing of advertising are made after the coordination of all questions with the author of the project in an individual basis.


3.3 Advertising is placed after the 50% or 100% (on request) advance.


3.4 Advertising for less than 3 months - is not accepted.


3.5 Responsibility for the content of promotional material bears the advertiser, for the quality - portal administration.



4. Objectives Advertising


4.1. The main purpose of advertising - material support to the success of the project.


4.2. The second purpose - to provide quality advertising to our customers.



For advertising please contact: info@anpal.net, webmaster@anpal.net



Translation and Help


Dear Users!


This appeal relates mainly to users who use the English version of the site and potential sponsors, regardless of their linguistic identity.


From the first pages of our project, we draw your attention that the quality of the material is provided only in Russian and translated from Russian into English occurs only in electronic or machine version.


Unfortunately, we have no sponsors and our material possibilities are extremely limited, not even the slightest ability to order high-quality content site translation from Russian into English. Machine or electronic transfer (MT), used to date - gives significant distortions that are unacceptable in our subjects. Moreover, in the future will be dealt with more subtle questions of spirituality which require very careful translation.


Each user can do the same machine translation without our participation. Please just note that it is substandard translations and a liberal interpretation of true Christianity gave rise to various religious currents, which take people away from the truth. We hoped to help us by clergy with good knowledge of English, but what or who is stopping them, we do not know. Clearly, only one - many people simply do not know we need their help, because most priests do not use the Internet. The Internet really contains a lot of harm, but do not use these tools is also a large omission.


Given the above, from 24 November 2009, we completely stop the further machine translation (MT) content from Russian into English. Until we will not have a possibility of a high-quality translation of already published content, the further machine translation - is considered inexpedient.  


Thus, from November 24, 2009 project in full will work only in Russian. The English version in a machine variant of translation will remain also, but only that part which is published before the mentioned date.



If you are able and willing to help us financially, for the development of the Project, we only say to you in advance - thank you very much. If your decision is positive and you have ventured to provide such assistance, please find below our payment WebMoney details:


Web Money:

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