Welcome you to the portal «TIME AND ETERNITY»
Everyone knows «9-1-1 Service» as the most famous and important rescue service in the world. «Emergency Service 9-1-1» has helped and continues helping a lot of people in danger however this service saves human body only, regardless of the victim’s wishes.angel Our project is also a kind of rescue service; let's conditionally call it an «Emergency Service 1-1-1». This «Emergency Service» helps a person to escape the spiritual, which is much more important than the salvation of the bodily, as the spiritual salvation is opening the door to our future in Eternity. Moreover, spiritual salvation and corporal promotes healing, if such a recovery will not hinder the growth of spirituality.
We have already noted that the «Emergency Service 1-1-1» helps rescued, but forcibly, by force can not save, because the spiritual can be saved only one who realized that the spiritual salvation depends only on the individual. This prevents the rescue of the ignorance of the information that is required to be learned by every person, regardless of his/her religion views, sex, age, etc. Here's the gap and fills our project. It should only take into account that spiritual knowledge can not be gained directly; you can only learn to live so as to be involved in the correct God. The huge flow of information has swept all of mankind, and mankind has a choice of survival, defying all the spiritual values that our ancestors cherished.
Our «1-1-1 Emergency Service» is trying to help people to understand many unexplained human phenomena, human errors, to uncover the errors of our activities and goals.The project will not criticize anything, even very dangerous human actions and aspirations, because it is a consciously or unconsciously (unknowingly) the choice of the individual. However, as this leads or may lead in the future, and how to deal in such cases, we are obliged to state in the project, and it's up to each of us. It should be taken into account that the critical material on the forum, far from spirituality, is possible, but in moderate and correct forms.
The basic language of the project is Russian; only in this language is marked with an animated tag. In other languages, badges of languages will be established without animation. Today we guarantee the quality of the material in the original language only, that is, in Russian.The project can work in many different languages and we are ready to translate the interface of the portal practically in any language.
However, current high-quality translation of materials (content) of a portal into a foreign language, we simply can force neither physically nor financially. Despite of the fact that we deliberately complicated a job, because of the introduction of additional English, believe it is justified.
This material is important not only for Russian-speaking people, it is important for any person of any nationality, any faith, without exception, in which language he would speak, but without financial support, we will be able to give material in English, only in the engine (electronic translation), with minor surface adjustments. In the English version, if the translation is not qualitative, the right of the title will be indicated two letters MT (machine translation). If transfer qualitative, the right of the title will be listed the name of the author's translation, including some of our active users. A lot of materials are volume enough under the maintenance and will be published stage by stage, and in the end of the published part should be put down (to be continued).
Except for the Russian language, for users of other languages, it should be noted that the previous part of the material can be transferred qualitatively, and follow only with the use of machine translation. In this case, the subtitle will be introduced to the material published on the new continuation (Continuation MT).
We would be very grateful to all who helps us in correcting mistakes, if they find any on the portal and for the translation of materials from Russian into English or vice versa.
We are totally independent of any government, or ecclesiastical institutions, the more sponsors, and we more likely to abandon any sponsor or any other claims of power than of its independence. This is because the independence - is a prerequisite for justice. The dependent person may not be fair, already in its essence, because of obligations to others.
The question of fairness, this is the main problem today and in the draft, it will be increasingly seen, of course, this is a problem not only of today. Two hundred years ago, in one of the interviews with Napoleon, Goethe said: «Poetic justice - this is nonsense, the only tragedy in life - that inequity and predestination».