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On these pages will beanother world published real contacts with the invisible world. It is only clearly imagine that all these contacts are perfectly clear and specific focus. These pages are presented with only outcast spirits, as the authors did not attempt to prove otherwise. In the first place we shall publish information with instructive and exemplary character. This sophisticated means of communication can be achieved only with the fallen spirits. It’s unnatural for Holy Angels to take part in not coordinated with the will of God.



Chiprian and Justin

Chiprian and Justin (MT)


History, at the time Chiprian and Justin of the Emperor Decius in Antioch - the third century, the fact of force to preserve the credibility of Christianity.

A girl named Justin - the daughter of a pagan priest lived in Antioch in northern Syria. She has already been enlightened by christian faith. The first concept of which she received a chance to hear the words of Christ from the mouth of diaconate, passing by the house of her parents when she was sitting by the window.


Young gentile tried to learn more about Christ, the first news of which is so deeply sunk into her soul. Justin loved to go to a christian church, hear the word of God, and took the Holy baptism. Soon, she persuaded her parents to the truth of the christian faith. Pagan priest, was baptized, was ordained as a presbyter and his house became a devout christian houses. She trained constantly in christian virtues, wholeheartedly love the Lord Jesus Christ and wanted to devote her life to Him.