Vows, Oaths and Curse (MT)


Vows and Pledges


The vow is a voluntary Vows, Oaths and Curseassignment to pious exercises to strengthen the skills for the good that is both rewarding and a victim of God.

Vows are given by people in thanksgiving for their heavenly assistance or prayer for God's help. Typically, a vow is given in difficult circumstances when you need special assistance of God. Vows can be given and for no apparent reason: for the love of God and a sense of gratitude to Him.



Charm - False Spirituality (MT)


The charm in the true christianity Charm - False Spirituality is a key in its ascetic doctrine. On the one hand, the charm - is a spiritual disease, i.e., damage human nature by lies. On the other hand, the basis of much other spiritual disease - is precisely the charm. The concept of the charm is completely unknown either catholic or protestant christianity. This part of the christian world gave birth to the contrary, so-called "charismatic" movement, which represents an intensification of religious feelings. In other words, it is spiritual pleasure sensations, based on pride, without repentance, so there is no true spirituality but spiritual sickness. This is the charm or spiritual disease, which belongs to the second form - the opinion (based on mind exaggeration) and will be discussed below.


Sacraments Substances

Sacraments Substances Used in Worship (MT)



Frankincensemyrrh (incense)


Frankincense is the aromatic sap of a tree, a hardening in the air and collected in a thorny bush Custus Creticus, also known as frankincense tree, which grows in Cyprus, Arabia, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, the Caucasus and Eastern Africa.


Custus Creticus  - is an evergreen shrub with beautiful flowers of red and white. In summer, the gray bark make incisions, of which slowly trickle white liquid. A few days later, it hardens, forming unique balls.


Sacraments and Rites

Sacraments and Rites (MT)




sacraments and ritesMan is spiritual and bodily being and he needs to be consecrated by grace, not only the soul but also body. Live a full life without grace is impossible - this is just a basic existence of a living creature. For the perception of grace, adequate spiritual sense means that is visible from the sensible signs, which are called - the sacraments. Sacraments are called that because in sense, that is the real signs of spiritual and contain ineffable. In other words, sacraments established by God through sacred action by invisible way served man grace of the Holy Spirit, or else the saving power of God.