Turin Shroud (MT)


shroudShroud of Turin - is the most mystical and mysterious relic in the history of mankind. It is named for the city of Turin - the first capital of united Italy, where it is stored in the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist (San Giovanni Battista). Shroud of Turin is a golden-yellow fabric length 437 and width 111 cm, weighing 2.25 kg, which is clearly visible double impression of the body of the crucified man. The fabric is a linen cloth, woven zigzag 3 to 1, is a common method of weaving in antiquity.


The shroud is the only one of its kind, a sign pointing to Jesus Christ, the incarnate word of the Creator, and invites us to compare our life with Him, who sacrificed Himself for us. Shroud shows not only the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, but also of His resurrection. This unusual way, the world provided evidence for the ever-doubting people, the truth of God reincarnated. In this cloth was wrapped around the body of Christ in His burial.


According to legend shroud for a time kept in the holy Apostle Peter, and then passed from student to student. In times of persecution, the most sacred and safe hiding information about it did not extend information about it could not serve as a pretext to search for her pagan authorities and lead to its destruction. After the triumph of Christianity under Emperor Constantine the mention of the shroud are numerous. It is known that the sister of Emperor Theodosius II Holy Pulcheria in 436 was placed the shroud of Christ in the Basilica of the Blessed Virgin in Vlaherna, near Constantinople. Holy Shroud mentions in Braulin prelate, Bishop of Saragossa letter.


Gifts to Infant God

Infant God Gifts: gold, frankincense and myrrh (MT)


In ancient times,magicians wise men or sages, called learned people, engaged in monitoring and studying the stars. At that time people believed that the birth of a great man appears in the sky the new star. The descendants of these sages were once under the command of Daniel, who planted the seed among his subordinates true faith and expectations of the Messiah. Once they were awarded to worship the Savior born, then, of course, the magicians were distinguished by high spiritual qualities (Act.2:48; Chisl.24:17; Dan.9:24-27). Subsequently, these wise men, abandoned their false beliefs and were baptized by Apostle Thomas (Foma), and later canonized.



Miracle of the Holy Fire (MT)

Every year before the major Christian holiday of Easterholy fire - the Resurrection of Christ, there is a real great event for Christians - convergence blessed fire, the main character of this great feast of Easter.

For nearly two thousand years, Orthodox Christians and members of other Christian denominations met its greatest feast - the Resurrection of Christ (Easter) in the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem. At this holy place was buried and then resurrected Christ.

Miracle of the Holy Fire is in the house is not the first millennium. The earliest mention of the blessed convergence of Fire on the eve of the Resurrection of Christ are found in Gregory Niss, Еvseviy, Sylvia Akvitansk and date from IV century. They have a description and an earlier convergence.