Science and Technology

Science and Technology (MT)


Today, humanity is faced with the alternative: either the progresstechnology of science, technology and equipment will be accompanied by moral progress of mankind, or the death of mankind is inevitable. No other prospects that do not.


Using modern science and technology, mankind creates a variety of substances and systems, from which the very same and suffer. Most of these substances are easy to use, but are destructive to the human body and which are increasingly polluting the human environment. Devices designed to simplify and make the most convenient treatment of people with information flow, depriving their user bases of mental stability. Technique for recreation and entertainment is becoming more sophisticated. With the help of the human mind is built the whole world - a false, unreal, but often overshadow the real world.


Power and Religion

Power, Religion and Democracy (MT)


Christianity proclaimed the enduring value of human personality, power and religionthe human soul. The human soul is created by God the Father, redeemed by God the Son and the Holy Spirit constantly updated, is immortal, free, unique. It is for this reason it is most valuable to the Creator. If it is so precious to God, then all the more important it is to be among the people. Hence the principle of universal love and respect in a Christian society where human rights are its foundation.


God, by adopting a political system which has delegated His authority. He did not give the State an autonomous right to be above the law. Reporting to the State, we are subject not to individuals, heads of state apparatus. We submit to authority, which has received authority from God, who commanded her to respect and maintain the natural principles of freedom and justice.


Power and Society

Power and Society (MT)



The power of the earth was createdpower in the image of God and must be consecrated anointing to the kingdom, otherwise - is not supported by authority from above and from below. "God kings reign," says Holy Scripture. It should be understood in terms of spiritual, rather than popular support from below.