Fortune Telling, Biolocation and Jokes (MT)


All forms of divinationdivination came from ancient pagan mystery. Guessed by the stars on internal sacrificial animals on the various elements of nature and stuff, and stuff. According to the Gentiles a «god» (in reality - a demon) possession of any part of the world, of any nature, and therefore a form determined by the rank and fortune-telling «territorial» belonging to «god», has been accessed.



Psihotrening and Psychoanalysis (MT)


Psihotrening psychoanalysisso tight installation to succeed, when good and evil are at one level, that is equal or even replace one another, warned in a manner opposite incompatible plant. 

As a result of such psihotrenings: 

  • A psychological dependence on the training themselves, using various psychological techniques and spiritual practices;    
  • A man with his head submerged in this psihotrening and forgive real life;    
  • False installations destroy the inner world of the individual and lead to emotional distress;    
  • Caught human conscience because of the mixing of good and evil.


Music (MT)


Since ancient times, musicmusic pay the great importance as one of the ways to encourage communication of man with God. Then it became more and more opposite in nature, addressing the sensual sphere of rights and, later, music became destroy act and the consciousness of man to the introduction of continuous repetitions, regular fluctuations in combination with short rhythms, until the introduction of ultrasound, which have a damaging effect on the psyche.



Media and Stage (MT)


Human nature mediais set up so that fixing what or whom any attention; his soul spreads its energy to the object and is in contact with him. Reading the book, we are invisible to establish communications with its author, even if he is already dead, and the relationship with the state of the soul, in which the writer, at the time of the creation of his works.



  Karma (MT)


A well-known law of karma,karma which is the linchpin of Avestan doctrines, on the assumption that human nature is born allegedly repeatedly. This position is the reincarnation and the evolution of human development - from the mineral, plant, animal, human, and the higher beings, is fundamentally contrary to Christianity. Life is indeed given the man only once, and that eternal life, through divine grace, but of human life lived on earth, that is, from the right or wrong direction, his will, is the fate of earth and eternal life beyond the earthly life.



Poltergeist (MT)


In today's media poltergeistoften appear various abnormal phenomena occurring in apartments, houses. They heard a knock, rustles, there are different voices on the walls and ceilings that appear, then disappear some figures, from the very walls, the ceiling itself flow water, things have him fly through the air and ignite spontaneously, sometimes the owners are from the beating of invisible beings. These events gave people the name of poltergeist; in fact, this is a manifestation of the invisible world of earthly reality.



«The Newcomers From Other Planets» (MT)


On this Earth newcomersis going on so unusual that no sane person can not accept that outside of physical existence, there is a different world. Sabrina the teenage witch, deprived of the sky, kept in a sort of force that could manipulate space, time and matter. The massive appearance in different parts of the land of unidentified flying objects (UFO), it is testimony to the fact that not only individuals, but humanity as a whole, made available demonic influence. Being limited in their actions the Divine; they are trying all means to reach agreement on the need for human assistance, so the demons act as «aliens» from other planets which allegedly feared for the future of mankind.


Eastern Occult Teachings (MT)


Eastern occult teachings yogaset good goals, but give unsuitable means - to their disadvantage and risk. Over the eastern spiritual practice is a religious ideology, but an error in the religious field can lead to loss of many souls, so their religious choices people have to do consciously and freely.

Hinduism is a system of dogmas opposing Christianity. Hindu doctrines - it is a direct negation of the Christian tenets: that Christians believe evil Hindus feel good and this has been mentioned.



Philosophy (MT)


Philosophy philosophytries to comprehend the universe in a certain system which can be logically verified. But God - is the absolute Spirit, who dwells above all systems and categories, and incomprehensible Spirit. The philosophy can be described as «an attempt to end the frenzy, to embrace the infinite». It differs from the religion that is seeking knowledge for knowledge. On the contrary, Christianity is said that the need to search for the truth of life, to live by this truth. Because the truth is not the result of our inference and what is there, and people want to be such as to conform to the truth.


Luminous Substance

 Luminous Substance and Ghost (MT)


In the media gives luminous substancea lot of cases and their research, when people who for whatever reason, were as if in mortal state and at the exit from this state, most of them saw the luminous substance. Even when this substance was known to the most bitter sinful, it does not react with anger and annoyance, but rather with understanding and even humor. Likewise the researchers and the head does not come, that the first few minutes after death, is not the time for trial, even private, that's fine for the second trial, then he is removed in time. They simply interpret these experiments in the spirit of the time, who do not want to believe neither in heaven nor in hell.