Christian Ideal

Christian Ideal (MT)



The Christian ideal does not require the destructiontemple and transformation of the natural properties of people. Christianity begins from the moment of conception in the heart of the urge and desire for the heavenly, spiritual, eternal and divine, in disgust from the earthly, sensual, temporal and created, because the Spirit of Christ is opposed to the spirit of this age. Christian moral teaching is not empty and dreamy piece of fantasy, not a diversion moral system, the living embodiment of a moral ideal, who lived among people of purely human life was like in all of us, except sin.


True Christianity

True Christianity (MT)

The true Christianity, it not philosophy, not the theory, not ideology, it not a human establishment, but an establishment divine, that is a life - a true life, completeness of a life. It is unique religion created By God as means of doctoring of the person, other religion created by God does not exist. This healing of the person from its passions, serving for achievement further dialogue and unity good luck. This divine religion demanded and demands to itself the relation of the person corresponding to it, without bringing superfluous and without deforming divine, such condition of divine religion has remained only in an orthodox branch of Christianity, but too not without vices.
The orthodox dogma on the internal essence essentially differs from all other dogmas and cults, is irreducible to one of them including to trying to apply for an omnitude and universality. This divine religion is not imposed the person, and there is a free requirement of his soul, sphere of a life for it and it not a fruit of human conjectures, and the True opened from above and the Christian is born not corporally, and spiritually , therefore the spiritual relationship is closer and stronger than the corporal.

Essence of Christianity

Essence of Christianity (MT)

pigionBecause of forbidden fruit taste in paradise, the mankind has suffered, because of predilection for a short-term terrestrial life, earthly blessings and pleasures. However earthly blessings cannot sate our souls because for them as pleasures serves only spiritual, eternal with the infinite blessings and they are not distributed by all in regular intervals. Because of predilection for earthly blessings and to attachment to them, one grasp not reasonably much, to another remains a little, and the third in general have nothing, therefore there is an eternal sin, enmity and death because of possession. Envy and hostility of persons and the people, wars, luxury of one and poverty of others, thefts, loot, any harm as a result arises.