Kids and Parents

Kids and Parents (MT)


Every day life is given to us in order to gain at least a particlekids and parents of good and conquering sin, we gradually communion would to eternal life. The birth of children is the cause of woman's nature, so the mother is awarded not for it, but for a decent upbringing of children, which is a matter of free will. The greatness of a mother, accepting the education and grow someone else's child, obscures the role mother who born him, as the first open heart for love and the education of all the holy steps - most radiant.


Family Formation

Family  Formation (MT) 

The familyfamily is a very ancient formation. This social unit exists today in all parts of the world. However, only the State has a future in which the family is surrounded by care and attention and is regarded as the highest initial value of the state. Where the family to oblivion, where it plays a secondary role to other social institutions - from the State there can be no future, but for the people - the prospects for their well-being and prosperity.