Culture, Art, Poetry and Music (MT)


caltureThe striving of man to God manifested in the cult and falling away from God and turning to the land created a culture and reflected in it. However, the very overindulgence cultural achievements, beginning with the Enlightenment, have violated the balance of human consciousness.


True christianity does not reject the culture, art, on the contrary, they are essential to public life and could be subject to the sacred, if accessed at the service of God. The more worldly knowledge without spiritual knowledge brings the greater harm and the more worldly wealth without the heavenly riches brings the greater danger. Only God can save the scholar from the abuse of knowledge and the rich from the abuse of wealth.



Faith (MT)


faithBetween God and man icons there is a link, called the sympathetic, and why people believe in God, as himself an image and likeness of God. In the faith of the person potentially provide only as a possibility, but it itself is not a person in power, because faith comes alive only at the influence of divine grace. In this context, faith is a feat of human spirit and a manifestation of his ability to believe or not believe, to develop or stifle this feeling.


Definition of religious faith, or the highest form of faith made the apostle Paul: "Faith is, as expected, and the implementation of confidence in the unseen" (Evr.11:1). The apostle Paul said that faith is' denouncement of things unseen ", i.e. the recognition of supersensible reality, as a faith is only to ensure the credibility, as evidenced by the five senses, and distrust of anything that is not available to perception.