Angels of Darkness

Angels of Darkness (MT)


Demonic forces,dark angels depending on the Creator in its existence, since they are created by God, hate are life itself. They are not capable of a good creative act, and seek destroy all of existence in the divine, to erase the traces of the Creator and the creation of the world, but without power to destroy them, seeking to distort and assign.


Angels of Light

Angels of Light (MT) 


On the reasonslight angel for the creation of angels, St. Gregory the Theologian said: «God's goodness is not satisfied contemplation itself: disseminate good to have done much communicant goodness».


The angels were created for the same, why, and created man:

  • That praised and glorified their Creator;
  • As in earthly life, and even served as our salvation.


Angel's Day

Angel’s Day (MT)


The man birthday, angel daythe angel’s day or in other words name-day and day of the guardian angel are three different concepts.


   The man birthday - corresponds to the calendar birthday person immediately after birth.



Invisible or Spiritual World (MT)


At the beginning invisible worldof Creation, God created an invisible world, and later visible or real world. Invisible world is more stronger, compared to the visible, because it all happens under the action of God, which clearly manifested one of its greatest features - omnipotence, and only in the land God gave man free will, which man uses is not always wise. In our understanding, visible world is derived from the invisible world, so they are interdependent. Any change in the visible world, just affects the invisible world, and vice versa. Man, because of the freedom of the will, the substance is not predictable, and leading a hectic life, impact negatively on the invisible world in which all organized.